Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grumpy Frog by Ed Vere (Picture Puffin)

There's nothing worse than being called grumpy when you're not...
I get this all the time (mostly from my wife!) and most of the time it's totally unfounded. I'm a happy little lampkin who loves life and enjoys smiling, and hopping, dashing around and being busy. A bit like the star of Ed Vere's awesome new book "Grumpy Frog"

You see, Frog isn't really grumpy. He too loves hopping, he really loves green (I wonder why) and he loves spending time with his friends - as long as they're not doing anything naff like swimming (ugh), oh and definitely as long as they're not pink!

Frog tries his best to make everyone understand that he's really not grumpy - but there are times when he does feel like a complete sourpuss as the story hilariously unfolds, and perhaps Frog finally realises that there's more to life than getting your own way and indulging yourself purely in the things that you like (rather than the things your friends and others do).

A rather neat moral tale that's brilliantly written and illustrated with a kind of frog-like frisson of energy and intensity, as you'd expect from Ed.

Charlotte's best bit: When Frog has a gigantic meltdown! Stand clear everyone, that froggy has a temper!

Daddy's favourite bit: A fabulous central character narrates his own story, with tons of opportunities for read-aloud fun. Ed has done it again!

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Grumpy Frog" by Ed Vere is out today, published by Picture Puffin. 

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