Wednesday 17 May 2017

The Big Bird Spot by Matt Sewell (Pavilion Children's Books)

We've often lamented the fact that birds are often left out when it comes to children's natural history titles...
There are some great books out there, but there seems to be a huge gap in the early years market for a book that not only covers an interesting and varied selection of species, but offers up some fun and enjoyment too.

Matt Sewell is a super-twitcher, a hugely enthusiastic Ornithologist (bird spotter) and an accomplished artist, writer and broadcaster too.

His fab "Spotting and Jotting" guides quite happily cover the older child end of the market really nicely and his books are hugely attractive and engaging.

Now Matt has turned his considerable talents towards producing a fantastic spotting book that is heavy on lush visuals and works a lot like those cool 'observational' titles that kids just can't get enough of.

In "The Big Bird Spot" we take a trip across the globe with Matt, finding and identifying various species from around the world.

Starting close to home we'll learn about the awesome sideburns of the Tree Sparrow before moving further afield towards the African Savannah and Indian temples, where bird life thrives in all its glorious diversity.

It's a little 'young' for Charlotte yet she really enjoyed spotting the various birds hiding out amongst other species in each deliciously detailed and illustrated page spread.

"The Big Bird Spot" by Matt Sewell is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books.