Monday 10 July 2017

The Best Chip by Kate Leake (Alison Green Books)

Now for a book that gave us a severe (and inappropriate) case of the rumbly tummies over breakfast one morning. Save "The Best Chip" till last...
We are a healthy eating family, mostly by necessity but let's face it, nothing quite matches the culinary delight of a freshly cooked chip smothered in salt and vinegar, or perhaps dipped in mayo or ketchup (or mustard, or brown sauce, or mushy peas - daddy's fave! Or chocolate sauce - No Charlotte, not chocolate sauce!) or dipped in your drink in fact.

In "The Best Chip" we meet a little girl who extols the virtues of this fabulous greasy fast food, from the thinnest fries to the fattest twice-cooked chips - via a few we'd rather not mention (we get the impression that the girl's granny went to the same cookery school as my mum, who could burn a boiled egg - everything is always overcooked!)

But when the little girl finds that marvellous prize, a massive perfectly cooked prince amongst pomme frittes, "The BEST chip" it's definitely cause for celebration.

But oh no, things take a bad turn. What happens when her most prized possession drops on the floor. Who is going to want to eat a dirty hairy old chip? (Well we know a few seagulls who might not mind!)

A riotous rhyming celebration of everyone's guilty favourite food, chips glorious chips! Absolutely belting to read aloud, pitch perfect, it's almost as satisfying as...well, a huge bag of chips! Agh, the only problem is that now we're really craving chips for dinner AGAIN!!

Charlotte's best bit: When the little girl drops the best chip on the floor. CATASTROPHE! Whatever will she do?

Daddy's favourite bit: We talked recently about the need for perfect rhyming and this book absolutely nails it. Such fun to read aloud, and who could resist a subject like this. Brilliant stuff Kate!

(Kindly supplied for review)

"The Best Chip" by Kate Leake is out now, published by Alison Green Books.