Wednesday, 5 July 2017

"Woolf" by Alex Latimer and Patrick Latimer (Pavilion Children's Books)

Who's afraid of Woolf? No not Virginia, a half wolf, half sheep with the biggest heart you can imagine?
We love finding books that are original and fun, and you can definitely chalk up Alex and Patrick Latimer's "Woolf" high up on the originality stakes.

It's the tale of a lonely wolf who falls madly and passionately in love with a sheep.

Glossing over the biological impossibilities of their situation, they have a son and they decide to call him "Woolf".

Woolf finds it difficult to fit in - neither one thing nor the other, never quite getting the feeling he belongs in either camp.

Playing with the wolves is a lot of fun, but they're a bit wild and rowdy.

Following the sheep around is OK, but can be a bit placid and boring.

Can Woolf make his own way in the world, and find a group of friends who like him just the way he is?

It's a touching and warming tale of identity, friendship and finding a path to being happy with who you are. Certainly one of the most entertaining books of this ilk that we've read in a long time, and visually splendid too thanks to Patrick's gorgeous muted colour palettes and gloriously immersive scenes.

Charlotte's best bit: Loving the positive messages this book conveys perfectly.

Daddy's favourite bit: A hugely original story about self worth and being happy in your own skin (even if that skin is covered in fur AND wool!). Lovely stuff.

(Kindly supplied for review)

"Woolf" by Alex and Patrick Latimer is out now, published by Pavilion Children's Books.