Thursday 21 September 2017

I Want to Go First by Richard Byrne (Oxford Children's Books)

It's not easy being the smallest in any family, just ask baby elephant!
Richard Byrne's delightful "I Want to Go First" tells the story of little Elphie the Elephant, who is getting a bit fed up of always being last in the waterhole.

"Rules are rules" say his unsympathetic family. "Smallest last!"

But little Elphie has other ideas - and he's going to need your help!

Yes, the reader can help bump Elphie up in the queue with some great little interactive moments perfect for read-aloud fun.

Elphie almost manages to get to the head of the queue until the biggest elephant shuffles everyone back to their proper positions just as they arrive at the watering hole.

Worse still, the watering hole is already occupied by a very, very big and very, very selfish elephant.

Will Elphie manage to get rid of the watering-hole-hog before it's time for a dip?

You'll have to read this ticklishly entertaining book to find out. This is absolutely pitch perfect stuff for early years readers, the sort of thing that would be so much fun to read out with a class full of little kids all joining in with Elphie.

Definitely worth trumpeting about!

"I Want to Go First" by Richard Byrne is out now, published by Oxford Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).