Tuesday 24 October 2017

Run Elephant Run by Patricia MacCarthy (Otter-Barry Books)

There are fewer animals that are cuter than baby elephants...
They just seem so utterly ADORABLE as they teeter along on their sturdy little legs, tiny trunks curling up to grab their mother's ear for reassurance.

In "Run, Elephant, Run" a baby elephant is busy exploring the world - but a monsoon separates the poor little fellah from his mother, and a dangerous adventure begins.

The poor little elephant finds the jungle a dark and mysterious place, and not everyone is as friendly as his elephant tribe.

A striped predator waits in the darkness of the undergrowth, stalking and eventually chasing the baby elephant. Will the poor mite be able to outrun a Bengal Tiger?

This has to be one of the most beautiful books we've seen this year...

Splish Splash in a cool pool!
The story, adapted from an Indonesian folk tale, is a lovely read-aloud experience too, as young children will love all the sound effects, the splishing and splashing of the water and the rain as elephants play and splash each other. The swish and swoosh of the undergrowth as they trample past, and of course the roar of a tiger hunting for its next meal.

Mother Elephant knows how to deal with big stripy bullies! SHOO!
You almost feel like you're there, that's how successful this book is at drawing you into the story.

Glorious stuff!

Charlotte's best bit: Identifying and learning all about the other animals that share the Elephant's rainforest - there's a fantastic section at the back of the book with gorgeous illustrations of them all.

Daddy's favourite bit: An utterly superb children's book, both beautiful and informative - and a book that really draws you into the story with amazing visuals. Not to be missed!

"Run, Elephant, Run!" by Patricia MacCarthy is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review).