Wednesday 22 November 2017

"Urban Jungle" by Vicky Woodgate (Big Picture Press)

We really, really love map books, atlases and quality non fiction so we were extremely excited to see a copy of "Urban Jungle" pop through our door...
We haven't seen much from Big Picture Press lately, but it's fantastic to catch up with their stunning non-fiction range, with a book that catches our attention for two huge reasons.

We love maps. Call us weird, but we really do love new and innovative twists on the traditional atlases, particularly when animals are involved.

Written and illustrated by Vicky Woodgate, "Urban Jungle" is perfect for city dwellers who might firmly believe they are as far removed from an animal-rich environment as possible.

Definitely not the case, as Vicky guides us through some of the biggest cities in the world, showing the animal life that either hides or lives in plain sight in our sprawling metropolises.

Take London as a familiar example. Any idea what other animals live there (besides humans, obviously)?

London - Not the place you'd immediately associate with being an animal-rich environment. 
Kids will absolutely love this book, and hopefully it'll encourage them to look a little more closely at where they live.

Wow, aren't you glad you don't have sharks on your doorstep here in the UK?
It's a fascinating book that you'll pore over for hours and hours.

"Urban Jungle" by Vicky Woodgate is out now, published by Big Picture Press (kindly supplied for review).