Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dog in Boots by Paula Metcalf (OUP / Oxford Children's Books)

Canine fans are going to fall instantly in love with this happy-go-lucky poochy pal...
Paula Metcalf's hilarious "Dog in Boots" instantly won us over with that 'classic' Golden Age book feel, and the amusing story of Philip (YAY!) the Daschund who longs to be just a little bit taller (and not necessarily a baller).

Philip enlists the help of his doggy friends, but no matter what he tries, poor Phil seems destined to be short forever (Phil, I feel your pain - a fellow Phil!)

It gets far, far worse though - you see there's a reason poor Philip wants to be taller. The object of his affection, Penelope, is INCREDIBLY tall and leggy so poor Phil seems destined to love her from afar, and be forever in her shadow.

Or DOES he? As we said, this is a pooch with a plan - and perhaps with the aid of a set of rather fetching boots he might achieve his goal.

Oh there's so much to love about this!

Oh Penelope! Apple of mine eye! How can I ever win you over with these short stubby legs. 
The illustrations reminded us of another poochy superstar's books, The "Harry" books by Margaret Bloy Graham and Gene Zion. This story is very similar in tone too, you just can't help but root for Philip at every turn.

Oh the things we do for love, eh Philip?
The book contains tons of awesome 'lift the flaps' bits for little curious folk to investigate (and we do love a liftable flap - though we're slightly pleased to see that the cover design has changed from the original which REALLY read rather wrongly if you had that kind of mind!)

This is fantastic though, a great story, fabulous art, engaging characters - a book destined to become a much-demanded bedtime read.

C's best bit: Phil's ultimate solution to his stubby-legged woes.

Daddy's favourite bit: Classy from top to toe, this book is superb! It's a bow-wow-WOW!

"Dog in Boots" by Paula Metcalf is out now, published by OUP / Oxford Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).