Friday, March 2, 2018

ReadItDaddy's First Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 2nd March 2018 - "School Gremlins" by Adam and Charlotte Guillain and Chris Chatterton (Egmont)

Oh my, we're very late to the party with this one so we're dashing around playing catchup on Adam and Charlotte Guillain's fantastic series featuring the world's cheekiest little green critters...
"School Gremlins", superbly illustrated by Chris Chatterton, is just the sort of book that tinies will love to pieces (quite literally in some cases, as this is a lift the flap book and kids aren't always the most careful when it comes to those, alas!)

Needless to say we've been clamouring on about LTF books for aeons, and their appeal way beyond the early years age bracket.

C loves these books - there's something completely addictive in a fun and entertaining romp of a story that has other stuff to discover - other than how the story pans out.

So this time those cheeky gremlins have invaded school. EEK! They waste absolutely no time getting into EVERYTHING and love popping up in the most unexpected places. At breaktime, in PE, in art lessons and of course at lunch.

Though sometimes it's a bit much. The poor kids are run ragged by these tiny little tearaways, but everyone loves settling down to a story, don't they? Even busy energetic little mischief-makers like those Gremlins.

This is a huge amount of fun, bouncy text chugs along with cool rhymes and Chris's artwork is wonderful. There's a previous adventure for the Gremlins ("Supermarket Gremlins" came out in 2016) so you can bet we'll be hunting down a copy of that next.

Great stuff, loved it loads!

C's best bit: The cheeky little gremlins popping up during lunch. Check the microwave though!

Daddy's favourite bit: Huge amounts of fun, loads of flaps to lift with lots of surprises (and a huge one at the end), bouncy rhyming story fun of the highest calibre.

"School Gremlins" by Adam and Charlotte Guillain with illustrations by Chris Chatterton is out now, published by Egmont (kindly supplied for review).