Monday 16 April 2018

"Looking After William" by Eve Coy (Andersen Children's Books) @AndersenPress

I love the way this book pulls a gentle bait and switch on you, right from the front cover onwards...
Eve Coy's superb "Looking After William" is the sort of book you go into sight unseen and get a nice surprise as soon as you start to read the story.

You see William isn't the space-helmeted fellow on the front of the book (as you'd expect if you know nothing about this book), William is in fact the dad. And as all daughters know (right C?) Dads need a lot of looking after when Mum goes away for the day.

But what makes dad tick? What does he want to be when he grows up? What do dads eat? What do they like to do?

Does it involve chocolate? (It does with the dad in this book but with me it's more likely to be cheese than choc!)

Once the story begins to unfold it's a gentle and whimsical dad-daughter tale, just the sort of book we love - and once again just the sort of book to give to dad on Fathers Day, one that doesn't feature a bumbling comedy throwaway dad. Rather more a dad like you or me. Lovely.

"Looking After William" by Eve Coy is out now, published by Andersen Children's Books (kindly supplied for review).