Monday, 21 May 2018

Pluto is Peeved by Jaqueline Jules and Dave Roman (Seagrass Press)

Nothing to do with cartoon dogs, this one - but how would you feel if you found yourself suddenly downgraded in the intergalactic importance stakes...?
Understandably "Pluto is Peeved" because the poor little ex-planet is - well, an ex-planet.

This fun science-filled comic strip story with tons of amazing insights into the history of the discovery of Pluto from Jaqueline Jules and Dave Roman is a hugely entertaining slice of fun.

Pluto embarks on a quest to find out why it has been shunned by the other planets in the solar system, doomed to be classed as nothing more than a micro-planet.

The tale takes you on a scientific journey side-by-side with Pluto, who speaks with other museum inhabitants such as a dinosaur, a germ, and the Earth itself (all swanky and self-assured in its own Planetary status, of course!) and learns what exactly scientists are interested in. 

The answer is: everything, including Pluto!

Uh oh, never make a tiny planetoid cry!
The comic-strip fun is a fantastic way to get kids interested in space, science and of course the real reason behind Pluto's loss of planet status. 

So many questions, and thankfully lots and lots of answers in this fun and engaging book
Your kids will become space experts in no time at all thanks to this intriguing book, that also ticks off lots of other STEM subjects along the way. 

"Pluto is Peeved" by Jaqueline Jules and Dave Roman is out now, published by Seagrass Press (kindly supplied for review).