Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A brilliant read for Father's Day (Coming up this Sunday folks!) - Here's "Raj and the Best Day Ever" by Sebastien Braun (Templar)

Here's a funky Father's Day book featuring an utterly adorable little tiger and his rather nattily dressed dad...
Sebastien Braun's awesome "Raj and the Best Day Ever" is the perfect book to settle down with before Dad gets his head into the footie / his phone / trying to set himself on fire with the barbecue.

Yep Father's Day is upon us on Sunday and what better pressie than a brilliant book like this.

Raj the Tiger and his Dad are going on an adventure. They are both very excited and they plan a list of all the things they will do.

But then, disaster strikes! Dad has left his wallet at home and Raj thinks their day will be ruined. 

But maybe Raj and Dad can still have a perfect day. All they need is their imaginations and each other's company. Sometimes truly the best things in life really are free.

This picture book celebrates the relationship between a dad and his son with warm, tender artwork from the illustrator of Spinderella. We really love Seb Braun's work, beautifully polished and colourful stuff. 

Despite a series of mishaps, Raj and his dad are determined to enjoy their day (love that little frog!)
We loved the positive dad in this book, a book-loving adventurous fellow with an upbeat outlook on life. 

Fantastic stuff!

"Raj and the Best Day Ever" by Seb Braun is out now, published by Templar Publishing (kindly supplied for review).