Tuesday 31 July 2018

"100 Screen-Free Ways to Beat Boredom" by Kris Hirschmann and Elisa Paganelli (QED)

Out today and here to save your sanity! If you, like us, are having a tough time of finding things to do that don't chew through your budget in record time, you NEED this book!
Though it's not out until the 17th August it'll still be out in just enough time to stave off those moans and cries of "We're bored! What can we do?" when parents normally (guiltily) have to resort to digging out the tablets, computers or videogames consoles or being glued to the TV just to get a couple of hours of respite.

Kris and Elisa have curated a superb set of 100 activities that can mostly be derived from things you'll have lying around, and though some do require adult supervision there are still stacks here that kids can get on with themselves.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors types (essential with the kind of weird weather we've been having, particularly last weekend when we saw just about all the seasons in the space of a few hours at one point bar snow and ice!) there's plenty to be getting on with and it's all immensely fun and engaging too!

SNOWMEN? In summer? Well why not, if it's good enough for Olaf it's good enough for these guys!
A mix of awesome recipes, brilliant science, glorious makes and perfect crafting have been shoehorned into this little book that could become your saviour for summer.

Put on a play, challenge yourself for one minute, or come up with a cool bit of improv. 
We love this book, not just because it has actually helped us come up with great ways to spend a few of the summer holiday days but because of the sheer amount of variety and diversity in the subjects these activities cover.

Who doesn't love a bit of ice-cream? Or chocolate? Or both?
Absolutely fantastic stuff from QED.

C's best activity: All of the awesome recipes in here that indulged her sweet tooth.

Daddy's favourite activity: Firestarting!!

"100 Screen Free Ways to Beat Boredom" by Kris Hirschmann and Elisa Paganelli is out on 17th August 2018, published by QED / Quarto (kindly supplied for review).