Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Get creative with Nosy Crow's awesome "Press out and Decorate" range

Nosy Crow's brilliant "Press out and Decorate" range is definitely the sort of thing that C gets wildly enthusiastic about...
She loves anything to do with making and creativity, and particularly loves anything sparkly, glittery and fun.

"Press out and Decorate Flamingos, Llamas and Other Cool Things" by Kate Mclelland is an absolutely stunning little maker book, filled with 20 sparkly decorations and a ton of amusing and awesome animals characters for kids to press out, colour in and play with.

Kids will enjoy making their own scenes and putting on their own little plays - particularly brilliant for the upcoming long summer holiday of doom where everyone revels in all the free time for the first week or so, but then the cries of "I'm bored, what can I do now?" start bubbling to the surface as parents try to ensure their kids don't spend the entire time zombified in front of screens.

Kate's books are the perfect antidote to that, offering a ton of creative play opportunities in a lovely little format for tucking into their bags.

...and if Unicorns are your thing (I mean WHO doesn't love Unicorns?) then there's "Press out and Decorate Unicorns" also by Kate, with a similar format.

Again there are 20 sparkly decorations and tons of Unicorn fun to be had.

Do check out the Nosy Crow website for more amazing books in this range. We love them to bits and they're going to come in very handy in the next few weeks for sure.