Tuesday 31 July 2018

Enjoy a summer of artistic inspiration with brilliant new titles from Happy Museum and Catherine De Duve (Happy Museum Publishing)

Catherine De Duve is an absolutely incredible inspiration to young would-be art fans who love discovering more about classic artists and amazing works of art...
Joining in our own summer of artistic inspiration, Catherine has three new titles available from Happy Museum press covering a diverse set of subjects to really engage your little ones with stunning artworks.

First is a brilliant little story from Catherine and Filippo Farnetti.

"My Selfie with Mona Lisa" describes one of the most iconic works of art the world has ever seen.  Leonardo Da Vinci's legendary painting is scrutinised in a child-friendly way, with a story wrapped around the modern obsession with taking a selfie with the iconic smiling subject, as enigmatic and mysterious as ever.

Children will love learning more about the painting alongside the gentle storytelling in this fabulously illustrated and gorgeously presented book.

"My Selfie with Mona Lisa" by Catherine De Duve and Filippo Farnetti is out now, published by Happy Museum Press. 

Catherine has also added two new entries to her fantastic "Colour Zen" series, chronicling the lives and works of some of the most famous artists in history.

"Gustav Klimt" covers the life and work of a painter whose vibrant and mesmeric works are personal favourites of mine, and works that I'm deliriously happy to be able to introduce to my daughter through this amazing series.

Covering Klimt's amazing body of work, it's probably one for parents to have a flick through first if they're a bit uncomfortable with their children seeing nudity. Personally though I think the works are so amazing that they're really worth sharing - and kids will undoubtedly enjoy adding their own colour to some of Klimt's most famous and iconic paintings.

This is a stunning book, and a great addition to Catherine's fab series.

"Gustav Klimt (Colour Zen Series" is out now, published by Happy Museum. 

Finally another amazing collection of classic works, this time from an artistic movement still revered and respected even today.

"The Impressionists' Japan" shows the effect that the opening of trade routes and the increase in travel across the globe had on early proponents of the "Impressionism" movement.

Famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet began to fall under the influence of Japanese art and culture, and notable Japanese artists such as Hokusai (again, personally I absolutely love Hokusai's work so it was a boon to see it featured in this).

Often copying works of art, or bringing Eastern Asian styles into their own pieces, these artists found new inspiration and beauty just as children will as they enjoy reading about key works, and enjoy colouring them too.

Such a brilliant range this!

"The Impressionists' Japan" by Catherine De Duve is out now, published by Happy Museum. 

(All books kindly supplied for review).