Thursday 16 August 2018

A fantastic pair of infographic-styled books introducing legends of Rock Music and Ancient Greece (Wide Eyed Editions)

Wide Eyed Editions have really tapped into a fantastic way to deliver awesome non-fiction in a really cool new look for children's books...
Their "40 inspiring icons" range uses a really distinctive illustrative style.

The first title we're taking a look at is "Music Legends: 40 Inspiring Icons" by Herve Guilleminot and Jerome Masi.

Gathering together an eclectic set of performers and acts from the emergence of rock and roll right through to the modern day superstars of rock and pop, it's a journey of discovery for kids who may have only heard about these amazing characters through their parents (sometimes dreadful) taste in music.

Learn some amazing facts about performers like Beyonce and Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Daft Punk, Nirvana and The Beatles.

Just about all of the top-selling artists from the 1950s onwards are covered in detail here.

Quite the roster, no?
Naturally we've done our best to introduce a lot of these folk to little miss, even though she insists that Ariana Grande is far superior to all of them!

A personal hero of mine, Patti Smith. 
I think if there's any criticism to make of this book, it's that kids really could do with their own edition of this, featuring the top selling artists of today - just so they can flip the table on their parents who will inevitably say "Ollie Murs? Sounds like a Dulux Paint Colour!"

"Music Legends: 40 Inspiring Icons" by Herve Guilleminot and Jerome Masi is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions.

Dealing with real legends now, in fact Greek myths and legends...

These legends might not wear stage make up or wield an electric guitar but in "Greek Gods and Heroes: 40 Inspiring Icons" by Sylvie Baussier and Almasty is every bit as fascinating as its musical counterpart.

In this fun title, 40 gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines of Greek Mythology are waiting to be discovered, including Gaia, Zeus, Prometheus, Pandora, Athena, Antigone, Orpheus, Helen and Achilles.

Each portrait includes the person's genealogy, allies and enemies, history and the myths associated with them.

Greek history, particularly myths and legends are always fascinating to kids as they delve into the real-life heroes, and mythical beasts presented in this truly awesome title.

Again following the same cool graphical look and feel of all the 'inspiring icons' series, this one really is a complete treat - again with an enviable roster of heroes and villains!

From Gaia to Odysseus, all the amazing characters in Greek mythology are here!
See how many your kids can recognise!

"Greek Gods and Heroes: 40 Inspiring Icons" by Sylvie Baussier and Almasty is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions (kindly supplied for review).