Thursday 16 August 2018

"Why do we need bees?" by Katie Daynes and Christine Pym (Usborne Books)

Another awesome book from Usborne, this time with a non-fiction approach to learning more about our favourite insects. Bee kind, they're in decline!
"Why do we need bees?" is the second bee-focused title we've seen from Usborne this summer, this time from Katie Daynes and Christine Pym.

Answering that all important question with a ton of brilliant facts, gorgeous illustrations and lots and lots of 'lift the flap' questions and answers to help little ones learn a lot more about our all-important pollinators and the fantastically important job they do.

Bees don't just produce honey, they ensure that our plant life thrives as they flit from flower to flower spreading pollen and helping plants reproduce.

Without them most of our crop and fruit species couldn't exist.

The next time you enjoy some honey on toast, or see the glorious sight of a bee lazily buzzing around a summer meadow, think about how amazing these tiny little creatures are, and how busy they can be.

"Why do we need bees?" by Katie Daynes and Christine Pym is out now, published by Usborne Books (kindly supplied for review).