Thursday 30 August 2018

"Earth Before Us: Ocean Renegades!" by Abby Howard (Abrams)

Here's another awesome slice of time-travelling dino-conservational fun in Abby Howard's latest awesome fact-filled Graphic Novel series...
"Earth Before Us: Ocean Renegades" once again lets us journey through the Paleozoic era along with an inquisitive bunch of folk who really love an adventure - particularly if dinosaurs are involved.

When Ronnie’s parents go on a business trip and leave her with Miss Lernin for the week, Ronnie is sure she’s in for a big, dinosaur-size adventure. 

After all, her last trip with Miss Lernin involved real-life dinosaurs! 

So, when they end up at the aquarium's jellyfish exhibit, Ronnie is confused. 

Surely jellyfish aren’t as cool as dinosaurs, right? 

Wrong! Determined to show Ronnie just how interesting prehistoric life was before the age of the dinosaurs, Miss Lernin takes her back in time to the six parts of the Paleozoic era to study the earliest lifeforms on Earth, and how many left the ocean for life on land.

There are creatures great and small to be found in the prehistoric oceans, as many of the creatures we know today began to evolve from some true behemoths beneath the waves. 

It's a superb slice of fact and fiction merged together in a really attractive graphic novel format, that should ensure this series is a big hit in classrooms and at home. 

"Earth Before Us: Ocean Renegades" by Abby Howard is out now, published by Abrams Young Readers (kindly supplied for review).