Thursday 30 August 2018

"What Does the Crocodile Say?" by Eva Montanari (Book Island)

To all the parents prepping their kids for going to nursery or 'big school' for the first time, we salute you...!
Casting our minds back into the mists of time to when Little Miss first started nursery, we'd have loved the benefit of a wonderful little story like "What Does the Crocodile Say?" by Eva Montanari.

Starting school or nursery can be daunting for a little one (and their parents of course) but this gentle story uses awesome sound effects and a great bit of read-aloud interaction with your little ones to show them that school or nursery isn't the scary place they imagine.
No time for snoozing little croc, time for nursery!

We love this book for a number of reasons. We love the use of crocodiles as a default-breaking ordinary everyday set of endearing book characters rather than 'the villain of the piece'

We absolutely adore the pencil-shaded illustrations here, lending the book a more personal and ethereal atmosphere.

But we really do love that invited audience participation as kids will love making all the same noises that characters and situations make as the story of little croc's first day unfolds.

Off to school or nursery for the first time? Scary even for a crocodile

Really beautiful stuff this, and definitely one to add to your list if your little ones are a little worried about their own first days.

"What does the Crocodile say?" by Eva Montanari is out now, published by Book Island (kindly supplied for review).