Monday 22 October 2018

"Absolutely Everything!" by Christopher Lloyd and Andy Forshaw (What on Earth Publishing)

Great Scott! This is a book that really does feel like it's packed with absolutely everything...!
Which is quite fortunate really, because that's the name of the book - or more accurately "Absolutely Everything - a History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention" by Christopher Lloyd - with illustrations from Andy Forshaw.

Phew! Quite the mouthful, but once you dive into this glorious encyclopaedia you're in for a real treat, as the book delivers exactly what it promises on its brilliantly designed cover.

Discover how science, nature and history connect in this fast-paced, entertaining and incredibly informative history of the world, from the beginning of time to the present day.

How was our universe made from a tiny speck of energy? 

Where did the first trees, plants, animals and humans come from? What happened to the dinosaurs? What was so miserable about medieval times? How were railroads and electricity invented? What are the perils of global warming?

What are dinosaurs? More to the point, what happened to them?

From the Neanderthals to the Wright Brothers, from the Silk Trade to the Industrial Revolution, from dinosaurs to plastic, embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents. 

Navigating the world with ancient explorers who sought fortune and glory across the globe. 

With photos, illustrations, timelines and maps in every chapter, there is no better way to understand the earth's entire history than with this captivating book by Christopher Lloyd, author of the bestselling "What on Earth Happened".

We really loved the way the book was cleverly categorised for such a huge amount of content. We also rather liked the square format, though we do love a big encyclopaedia you can sprawl out on the floor with, the smaller format works surprisingly well too. 

Another winner from "What on Earth" publishing. 

C's best bit: Learning more about the Nazca Lines (which she hadn't heard of before reading this book). 

Daddy's favourite bit: Just the sort of non-fiction title we love, packed to the gills with information, brilliant colour illustrations and really nicely laid out and categorised. A winner, add it to your christmas shopping list!

"Absolutely Everything" by Christopher Lloyd and Andy Forshaw is out now, published by What on Earth Publishing (kindly supplied for review).