Tuesday 23 October 2018

"The Beano Ultimate Joke Book" by Beano Studios (Studio Press)

Q: What's small, book-shaped and will make your parents go "AAAAAARGGGGHHH" every five seconds?
A: Why it's the "Beano Ultimate Joke Book" of course, new from Beano Studios and guaranteed to have kids giggling their socks off while parents groan at some of the cheesy gags held within this awesome tome.

Gathering together hundreds of hilarious jokes, quips and tips on how to be a comedian, it'd make a christmas cracker blush (in fact speaking of christmas, it'd make a really great stocking-stuffer for someone's child - if you really don't like that person and want to see them suffering and cringing along with you!)

We're being a bit mean here, books like this are always a huge success with C - who spends days wandering around telling the jokes to just about everyone who'll listen.

With some brilliant studio Beano presentation, it's a real winner for fans of the comics.

And hey, not all the jokes are awful, let's have a look at a small selection.

Oh dear lord. The walrus joke made us titter. 
Er, perhaps not those ones - how about these?

Bob Monkhouse, rest his soul, would've loved all these. 
Well, you get the idea. Needless to say we can well imagine a LOT of kids who will absolutely love this pocket sized encyclopaedia of mirth to bits.

"The Beano Ultimate Joke Book" by Beano Studios is out now, published by Studio Press (kindly supplied for review).