Wednesday 24 October 2018

"Mega Meltdown" by Jack Tite (Big Picture Press)

Time for another truly amazing non-fic title from mega publishers Big Picture Press...
We can always guarantee that BPP books are going to be of the highest possible quality, dealing with subjects in a child-friendly but informative way.

So it is with "Mega Meltdown" by Jack Tite, introducing us to an amazing selection of gigantic animals that roamed the frozen wastelands of our Ice Age planet.

Imagine a big cat with a fearsome set of jaws. The Smilodon (often described as the Sabre Toothed Tiger) was a fearsome predator with a massive overbite. Definitely not something you'd want to be on the wrong end of.

How about the colossal Glyptodon. This plant eater was the size of a small car, but was heavily armoured and well protected against predators. It would've made a pretty awful dance partner though, weighing a couple of tons and not exactly being deft on its feet.

The Smilodon. As Ice Age prey it might've been the last smile you'd ever see
Jack has collected a menagerie of fascinating beasties together, showing that sometimes the creatures that actually lived (and became extinct) on our planet were every bit as fascinating as the fantastic beasts of myth and legend.

The mighty Irish Elk. Enough places to hang more than a dozen coats if you were brave enough to try. 
The impact of the amazing spreads and illustrations is made all the better with several fold-out sections making for some quite massive and wide scenes for your little ones to enjoy. Such a fantastic idea to do that in a non-fic book.

This is a thoroughly absorbing and fascinating book with tons of brilliant facts and superb illustrations, as we've come to expect from Big Picture Press's impressive catalogue of amazing books.

"Mega Meltdown" by Jack Tite is out now, published by Big Picture Press (kindly supplied for review).