Monday, 26 November 2018

"Getting the little blighters to behave" by Claire Potter (Featherstone)

Claire Potter's awesome "Little Blighters" series is an absolute must for harried parents who just need a little extra help dealing with their own little Bs!
"Getting the Little Blighters to Behave" is full of fantastic advice (and rather awesome Quentin Blake-Esque illustrations too) that help parents with the dos and don'ts of dealing with a whole range of different child behaviours.

Being naughty in supermarkets, being demanding, throwing tantrums - these and many more are like pitfalls in the midst of an otherwise serene and enjoyable day.

Parents will definitely know at least one of the following. Kids refusing to put their coat on even though it's below freezing outside. The little darlings squabbling over who gets the cup with the kangaroo on it. Or even fairly harmless stuff like running around with their pants on their head when they're meant to be putting their pyjamas on.

Based on in-depth interviews with child psychologists, this book gives you techniques, tactics, tips and tricks that research shows actually work - and are far more effective than losing your temper or listelessly shouting "Don't do that, Wayne" every time your own little blighter does something absolutely horrible in public.

The clear, practical, punchy advice tells you exactly how to deal with your child's unwanted behaviours and shifts the dynamic of your relationship so your child not only co-operates but wants to co-operate in the first place. Finally, it will feel like you are on the same team!

And that way, not only will your life be easier, but you'll be able to enjoy your child's company a whole lot more!

It's brilliant stuff, though there were one or two times where we thought the book could've delved a bit deeper into tackling PARENT behaviour as well as kids (yes, you, the woman who was letting her tiny toddler swing a huge tree branch around their head at eye-height last Saturday!)

"Getting the Little Blighters to Behave" by Claire Potter is out now, published by Featherstone (kindly supplied for review).