Tuesday, January 8, 2019

"Collecting Cats" by Lorna Scobie (Scholastic)

We love cats, probably more than we love any other domesticated animal - so we had high hopes for Lorna Scobie's gorgeous looking "Collecting Cats".

A little girl has a grand and rather convoluted plan. She's going to collect cats. Lots of cats of all shapes and sizes.

But all she has is cheese!

So her plan evolves. Using the cheese the little girl decides to collect mice (successfully) - and you can probably guess what comes next.

The perfect mousey lure for all those beautiful moggies. The only problem is that a lot of cats are also a lot of work.

Perhaps the little girl might be better off starting - and staying - small scale!

If you've ever heard the expression "herding cats" you'll understand the spirit of this story. It feels like it needed something more in the actual 'story' department but if there's one thing we truly did love, it was Lorna's inventive and many hued moggies in all their glory.

"Collecting Cats" by Lorna Scobie is out now, published by Scholastic (kindly supplied for review).