Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Hug this Book" by Barney Saltzberg and Fred Benaglia (Phaidon)

Encouraging a love for books in the very young is always made easier when you find a really cool and engaging board book you can share with them.

"Hug this book!" wears its heart on its sleeve, an unashamed celebration of all the ways books can be loved and shared with the tiniest of tinies.

Of course you can read a book but did you know you can smell a book? Share a book? Give a book as a gift? And of course hug it?

In Barney and Fred's (surely a name match made in heaven) lovely whimsical story you'll meet a cast of kids who truly love books and really love sharing them with all their friends too!

Books can be enjoyed just about everywhere!
With simple yet stylish illustrations using a reduced palette, this board book keeps the word count down too - so little ones of every age, right up to solo readers, can really get into the swing of the story quite quickly.

This is our favourite spread. A booky warm snuggly cuddle! Perfect for this time of year!
"Hug this book" by Barney Saltzberg and Fred Benaglia is out now, published by Phaidon (Kindly supplied for review)