Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Two new corkers for wee ones from Maverick Publishing. Meet a family of giants, and a rather polite Gnu!

Time for more picture book perfection from Maverick Publishing, who have a couple of new tempting treats for you this month.

First up is our old Twitter mate Karl Newson with a new story that delightfully dances with a few well known (and not so well known) characters, including a family of giants.

In "Fum" by Karl Newson and Lucy Fleming, the family have lost the tiniest member of the family. Little Fum really is thumb-sized, and so the family take a trip through storyland to try and find him, asking various well known characters (including Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood) if they've seen the pint-sized fellah anywhere.

It's a lyrical rhyming adventure that's sure to be a read-aloud favourite.

"Fum" by Karl Newson and Lucy Fleming is out now, published by Maverick Publishing. 

Then there's that Gnu!

In "How do you do, Mr Gnu" by Billy Coughlan and Maddie Frost, Mr Gnu has been invited for tea by none other than the Queen herself.

Slipping out of his zoo enclosure, Gnu causes a fuss as he takes a wild journey to the palace, picking up some etiquette and politeness tips as he goes.

But the last person he sees might just see poor Mr Gnu pick up a rather nasty habit instead. Will he make a good impression on Her Maj?

This is a rib-tickling and entertainingly original story - again fab to read aloud with some brill illustrations (and many giggles as we watch the hapless police trying to convince Mr Gnu to get back to his zoo!)

Brilliant stuff!

"How do you Do, Mr Gnu?" by Billy Coughlan and Maddie Frost is out now, published by Maverick Publishing.

(Both books kindly supplied for review)