Monday 7 January 2013

ReadItDaddy's Big Campaign for 2013 - Get more Mums and Dads reading to their children

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For some years now quiet rumblings in the Bookworld have hinted at a rather disappointing trend - that parents (and in particular, dads) don't read to their children enough. Two thirds of parents recently surveyed don't read to their children at all, stating a variety of reasons including a lack of confidence in reading aloud, or turning to other methods of keeping their children occupied. Above all other factors though, (and this is something I definitely identify with) a lack of time is often cited as the main reason parents don't read to their children. 

Studies have shown that parents who do read to their children have a hugely positive effect, even if you start reading to them as soon as they're born. This is something both my wife and I have done since Charlotte was tiny, and it's something that's grown from us both being brought up in book-loving families as well as being a pair of bookworms ourselves. 

Even though I had a fairly 'poor' childhood, my mum always made sure we had access to books - either through school book clubs, the local library, or the vast array of secondhand sources for books. If money is a consideration (and let's face it, as a parent it always is!) children can join their local library as soon as they're born. Even though library funding is being cruelly slashed left right and centre, parents can still borrow some brilliant books and also catch up on some true children's classics. 

The basis of our campaign here at ReadItDaddy is to encourage parents (particularly dads who, articles suggest, are the major culprits - falling far behind mums when it comes to reading to their kids) not only to read more but to embrace all the other activities and interests that can be stimulated by the utterly brilliant wealth of children's fiction and non fiction picture books on offer. 

For the entire year of 2013, as the basis of our campaign we pledge to: 
  • Review and talk about children's picture books, apps, comics and other great ways of introducing books to kids and spread the word far and wide
  • Liaise with andRaise the profile of the various organisations and agencies (such as the excellent Booktrust Bookstart Programme) who are working hard to encourage children and parents to get involved with and read more books. 
  • Increase our syndication, and also pen original editorial articles on the subject on guest blog spots. 
  • Talk (and Tweet) to and liaise with parents, bloggers, publishers, authors, illustrators, librarians, teachers and organisations already committed to encouraging children's interest in books and add our support to what they're doing. 
  • Examine all the ways that reading, telling stories, drawing, scribbling and making can enhance a child's quality of life from a very early age with editorials and news articles.
Stay with us in 2013 and we'll do our very best to make good on these pledges. 2012 was an exciting year for children's books, apps and comics but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

How you can help

Several kind people have asked how they can help. We massively appreciate any support, so please join our blogroll, share this post on Facebook and Twitter (the campaign hashtag on Twitter is #readitmummiesanddaddies2013) or the slightly more manageable #ReadItMD13

Let's make 2013 the year parents find out just how rewarding reading to their children can be!

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