Monday 7 January 2013

Spotlight on "Max 'n' Me", a fantastic book project from an autistic boy and his supermum

Just as we closed up for Christmas we received a really fab letter from a mum about her child's books. We love seeing people's self published books, and what made us sit up and take notice of Max and his mum's mail was their situation. 

Max has autism, and through producing picture books, they're working through ways of using books as therapy for Max and as an utterly brilliant way of enhancing his creativity. "Max from the Planet of Cool" is their first book and more are coming in 2013.  

From the Max and Me blog: 

"Max from the Planet of Cool is the first collaborative book written and illustrated by Max ‘n Me. The inspiration for this book came from a giant transition in our life as we moved from Olympia, Washington to Tacoma Washington (30 miles north) and Max found himself in a new school with new kids and we were both totally unprepared for how difficult this transition would be."

"Max from the Planet of Cool" is now available through the Max 'n' Me website and through the Amazon Kindle Store.