Monday, January 7, 2019

"Dinosaur Craft Book: 15 things a dino fan can't do without" by Laura Minter and Tia Williams (Little Button Diaries / GMC Publications)

It's DINO TIME! Laura and Tia are back with yet another fantastic and imaginative craft book, this time on a scaly prehistoric theme.

Kids absolutely love dinosaurs, and they particularly love dressing up as dinosaurs, roaring and stomping about.

Whether your little ones are budding palaeontologists or just dream of being a Tyrannosaurus Rex (hey, who doesn't?), they will love these fun crafts. 

There are 15 fantastic dinosaur-themed projects to make, all designed to get children crafting and creating in no time. 

Each dino-themed project is perfect for kids of all ages from 3+ 

The book contains handy templates and makes use of common but otherwise-wasted household items to keep the outlay on materials down to a minimum. 

Grown-ups need little or no crafting experience to help! 

It's another winner from award-winning parenting bloggers Little Button Diaries

"The Dinosaur Craft Book" is out now, published by GMC Publications (kindly supplied for review).