Monday, 16 September 2019

"Draw Here" by Herve Tullet (Chronicle Books)

We love books that encourage youngsters to pick up their pencils and crayons from the earliest age possible, and in "Draw Here" by Herve Tullet, Herve is ready to inspire the youngest artists, with a series of exercises and fun challenges that will improve their hand-to-eye motor skills ahead of their real drawing and writing challenges ahead.

Starting off with very easy challenges, but ramping up the difficulty as the book progresses, little ones can use any of their favourite art materials to join in with Herve's fun narration.

Be warned though, you might go a little bit dotty after completing a few of these. Let's dip into the book itself to see why...

Dots on dots, in dots, around dots!
Bold bright colours are designed to catch the eye of the very young, and get them scribbling and making marks in a cool way (it's OK to draw in the book, honest, though it's definitely something you want to keep a close eye on in case your littlies think that all books are for drawing in!)

Loads of dotty fun!
As simple as the exercises seem, there's a real purpose here, in improving the way that kids not only join the dots, but can start to form their own artistic free-form ideas while playing with these exercises.

Sum this book up in a sentence: What a fantastic idea, an art challenge book for the tiniest tiddlers with loads of interesting exercises and lots of bright colours to keep their interest while they have fun

"Draw Here" by Herve Tullet is out now, published by Chronicle Books (kindly supplied for review)