Monday, 16 September 2019

"The Pirate Tree" by Brigita Orel and Jennie Poh (Lantana Publishing)

If you can successfully retain your sense of wonder, your imagination and your creativity as an adult, then it's far, far easier to understand why the subject of a child's imagination makes for such an intriguing and multi-layered source for brilliant picture books.

In "The Pirate Tree" a firm friendship develops over the course of a glorious summer as two kids find their favourite spot to play, the gnarled branches of an old tree.

It's not just any tree though, this tree can become a pirate ship sailing the seven seas, with a makeshift anchor on a rope, a sheet as a sail, and a fearless captain.

At first, the tree belongs entirely to Sam but then another kid approaches - and soon they'll discover that sharing the tree is way more fun than staking your claim.

There's a nice light and deft touch to the storytelling here, given a gorgeous layer of style thanks to the brilliant artwork perfectly depicting the imaginary world of two kids hanging out, having fun and becoming friends.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A superb and stylish exploration of what it feels like to be a kid dreaming up your own adventures, made even better when an unexpected friendship develops.

"The Pirate Tree" by Brigita Orel and Jennie Poh is out now, published by Lantana Publishing (kindly supplied for review).