Tuesday, 10 September 2019

"Everyone Can Draw" by Fifi Kuo (Boxer Books)

Here's a resounding message and philosophy we can definitely get behind.

"Everyone Can Draw" by Fifi Kuo is a gloriously colourful celebration of our creative sides.

You may think you can't, but it's true - everyone really can draw and everyone draws in different styles.

Some of us love drawing in black and white while some of us love riotous colours.

Some like to be neat and tidy when they draw, and some of us like to get in an incredible mess (the latter is always more fun though, right?)

Here Fifi makes it sound easy, and the kid-friendly illustrations in here just go to show that anyone can really put pen or pencil to paper and come up with a bold, brassy and colourful illustration all of their own.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A brilliant resounding cheer for all creative kids (and adults) from Fifi!

"Everyone can Draw" by Fifi Kuo is out now, published by Boxer Books (kindly supplied for review)