ReadItDaddy Book Review Item Submission Guidelines - Read This First! (New - Updated for our 2020 reviews)

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by our review item submission page and apologies for the (new) wall of text.

First, we'll get this out of the way - We don't review self-published, Kindle-only,  small-run or crowdfunded titles. Even if you think your book is the exception to this rule. We're likely to ignore any emails asking for a review so if you don't get a reply, please don't be offended!

We are also adjusting our review policy on books sent unsolicited, regardless of publisher / source. From January 2020 we will only review titles that we like rather than attempting to review everything sent to us. If you send out a request to ask whether we'd like a particular book, we'll try our best to politely respond if it's not for us - and that decision will be no reflection on the quality of the book, it'll usually be based on my daughter's decision whether she wants to give it her time or not.

If you contact us for reviews via Twitter, we're likely to ignore those requests - again unless it's something my daughter likes the look of.

Please don't assume that because we've reviewed your books or titles in the past we're bound to do so in the future, just ask via email (, give some details, a book cover shot or some internals and we'll take a look!

The rest of our submission guidelines:
  • Please don't request to include us in blog tours. Even if our reviews fall neatly into the week of the tour, we'd rather distance ourselves from these as they take a lot of time and effort to promote, and still do nothing for our site or hits. 
  • If you're a publisher or a PR, by all means contact us by emailing and we'll gladly take a look at what you're offering for review. If it's not for us, we'll do our best to respond politely as such - but please don't immediately follow this up with another email on why you think we should change our minds, we probably won't reply twice. 
  • Digital copies of books are fine, but we do prefer to work from printed copy wherever possible, particularly with comics or graphic novels. At a push though we'd prefer PDF versions of ARCs so that we can read 'em on our Kindle Fire. 
  • Please check before posting items to us if using couriers. We can accept courier items but will need to give you a 'work' address to send these to as we will not accept courier deliveries at our home address. If you courier stuff to our home address we will no longer try to rearrange delivery nor pick these up from a depot. 
  • Items sent to us via Royal Mail or Parcel Force will make it to us safely at home however, our postie is happy to card us (as we don't do this as a full time gig so are not working from home) and we can pick up the items at our convenience.  
  • Please consider the core age group we review for (middle grade - 11 upwards and some YA / Adult stuff as well). If you are sending unsolicited picture books to us for a younger age range, we will choose whether to feature them or not. Some 'younger' titles will still get reviewed if we really like the look of them, so again it's no reflection on your book, its subject or the quality of it if we choose not to. 
  • Likewise, to repeat points made above, please don't assume that because we've reviewed particular books before, we'll always want to review any sequels, follow-ups or books by the same author. Kids grow up, and C has grown up a lot - so will likely turn her nose up at books she loved when we first started this blog (gulp) 10 years ago. 
  • Overall, we will carry on doing what we do best - providing good solid honest reviews of awesome books that we enjoy. We are scaling back what we do in 2020 but hopefully this will mean better quality, more thought provoking reviews rather than a complete blizzard of articles!
All the best and hope you stick with us through to our tenth birthday next August! 

The ReadItDaddy Team