Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Sister is Bigger than Me by Kate Maryon and Lisa Stubbs (Jonathan Cape PB)

Here's a fab, cheeky and energetic little book celebrating a bit of sisterly love - "My Sister is Bigger than Me" by Kate Maryon and Lisa Stubbs...
Meet Grace and Ava, the fab sisters and stars of "My Sister is Bigger than Me" - a book that explores that special relationship that sisters have.

Ava is the "Little Sis" to Gracie the "Big Sis" and they both have tons of fun together.

Though there are times when Gracie might not feel like playing, and times when they argue and fight, both love making up silly games and through the imaginative and lyrical text, they come up with hilarious and fab ideas (we particularly loved "You be the sausage and I'll be the mash and we'll dive into a giant gravy boat with a splash!"

Fizzingly energetic text, beautiful illustrations and an absolute ton of fun. We loved it!

"My Sister is Bigger than Me" by Kate Maryon and Lisa Stubbs is out now, published by Jonathan Cape PB Ltd (kindly supplied for review). 

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