Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Half term fun with two awesome books to keep your little ones busy, from Orchard Books.

It's the half term, and by now most parents are probably tearing their hair out trying to think of interesting things to keep their kids occupied...
Thankfully Orchard Books come flying to the rescue with a pair of awesome activity books to keep boredom at bay.

First up is the My Little Pony Friendship Fun Colouring Book.

Time to get really creative with a ton of colouring challenges featuring the adorable characters in all their many guises.

The book also features over 150 stickers to adorn your equine artworks. There's definitely nothing skinny and bony about this book!

"My Little Pony Friendship Fun Colouring Book" is out now from Orchard Books...

Super-detailed colouring fun for little ones!
Maybe ponies aren't your thing though and you prefer creatures of a slightly more exotic variety?

Once again Orchard Books have got you covered with the Official Pokemon Sticker Activity Book.

Featuring all your favourite characters from Meowth, Charizard, Evee and Jigglypuff (our fave) to Pikachu and Ash themselves.

The stickers are hugely attractive, and I'm pretty sure with over 35 to play with you'll have some spare for your own kit too.

"The Official Pokemon Sticker Activity Book" is available now from Orchard Books.

(Both titles kindly supplied for review).