Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Welcome to London by Marcos Farina (Button Books)

London, our capital city and one of the most interesting and vibrant places to visit for a spot of tourism. Let's find out more about this fascinating city in Marcos Farina's awesome "Welcome to London"...
Marcos Farina is an architectural tutor and graphic designer who hails from Buenos Aries in Argentina.

Marcos is obviously quite taken with our capital as his gorgeously illustrated book "Welcome to London" will attest.

London isn't just a place, it's an experience and throughout this fabulous book you'll take in all the sights with Marcos as your tour guide.

Revel in the splendour of Buckingham Palace before taking a whizz around the London Eye, spot the lions in Trafalgar Square and perhaps even stop for a spot of lunch in one of London's amazing locations.

This hardback 60-page book is one of the most dazzling and comprehensive books on London that we've seen for younger children in quite a while and hopefully you'll spot lots of copies on sale in tourist book shops and other places if you pop up to the capital for a visit.

"Welcome to London" by Marcos Farina is out on 1st June 2017, published by Button Books (kindly supplied for review).