Friday 20 August 2010

Harry by the sea

Harry by the Sea

Written by Gene Zion

Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham

Amazon Link: £3.98

Published by Red Fox Picture Books

I offer no apologies for featuring / reviewing ANOTHER Harry book. Charlotte is absolutely in love with this mischievous little black spotted dog so we managed to grab another Harry book from the library. This time round, Harry goes to the seaside with his family and ends up being mistaken for a sea monster. 

Margaret Bloy Graham's cool 60s kitsch artwork is as fantastic as ever, and though the books can be a bit formulaic there's always plenty going on in each page and frame and Harry is the coolest dog in kid's books, bar none. 

Charlotte's best bit: Harry getting covered in seaweed and crawling out of the sea like a monster. 

Daddy's favourite bit: Harry trying to find a spot of shade by following a fat lady along the beach. 

Rating: 5 out of 5