Friday 27 August 2010

More Pants

More Pants

Written by Giles Andreae

Illustrated by Nick Sharrat

Published by Picture Corgi

After learning the original Pants off by heart from rather too many readings, I thought I'd get Charlotte the sequel. More Pants features another bouncy pants-related rhyme with plenty of big and colourful illustrations and characters courtesy of Nick Sharrat. Though the original is still the best, More Pants is great fun and there are plenty of subversive giggles to be had as you find out exactly what spaghetti pants would look like, or what undergarments you should wear when dancing with the queen (Answer: Expensive ones). 

Charlotte's best bit: "Have you done a farty-pants? No not me!"

Daddy's favourite bit: "Black belt in Karate Pants"

Rating: 3 out of 5