Thursday 19 August 2010


Written by Giles Andreae
Illustrated by Nick Sharrat

Amazon Link: £3.99

Probably one of the most popular books in Charlotte's library, Pants has been read so many times I can pretty much recite it off by heart. Two versions of the book are available (with and without an accompanying CD with versions of the story "sung" by Lenny Henry) and there's a sequel but the original Pants is excellent. 

The rhymes are bouncy and fun and of course there's something slightly naughty about a book full of pants so kids instantly seem to like it. Nick Sharrat's illustrations can be found in dozens of excellent books but the drawings in this and the animal characters appearing throughout the book are brilliant and every child will find a favourite. 

Charlotte's best bit: Identifying all the pants at the end of the book

Daddy's best bit: "Fairy Pants, Hairy Pants, Run away from Scary Pants!"

Rating: 5 out of 5