Thursday 2 September 2010

Winnie in Winter

Winnie in Winter

Written by Valerie Thomas

Illustrated by Korky Paul

Published by Oxford University Press

Ever wondered what Winnie's winter attire is like? Or what her house looks like covered in icicles? Wonder no more, as Winnie slides into a pair of stripey thermals and embraces the cold and bitter wind of winter. For a while until she decides to weave her magic to perform her own unique brand of not-quite-so-global warming. 
Pick and choose any book in the Winnie Witch series and you're in for a treat, and Winnie in Winter is no exception. Great storytelling, haphazard magic, the fabulous Wilbur and of course plenty of scratchy and detailed art from Korky Paul ensures that this is yet another cracking good entertaining Winnie Witch yarn. 

Charlotte's best bit: Spotting "The Fish who could Wish" making a cameo appearance. 
Daddy's Favourite Bit: The great running visual gag in the first few pages after you're shown Wilbur stalking a dozy frozen bird on the bird feeder. 

Rating: 4 out of 5