Thursday 7 October 2010

Emily Brown and the Thing

Emily Brown and the Thing

Written by Cressida Cowell

Illustrated by Neal Layton

Amazon Link: £4.09

Published by Orchard Books

 Emily Brown and her rabbit Stanley can't get to sleep (I know the feeling, I've had insomnia all week). The root cause of their sleepless nights is "The Thing", a friendly monster who sends Emily and Stanley on a series of quests to help HIM sleep. If you've read "This Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown" you'll know what to expect - an imaginative mix of adventures and haphazard happenings. 

I'm not always convinced by Neal Layton's illustrations in this (they're a bit scrappy, and hit and miss) but the storytelling wins through and even though he's a right royal pain in the papoose, you can't help but feel sorry for The Thing. 

Charlotte's best bit: The twisty turny cave under the stairs

Daddy's favourite bit: Poor Thing being reduced to tears when told off. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.