Friday 22 October 2010

Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli

Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli

Written by Penny Dolan

Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Published by Walker Books

Mr Pod has a cat named Tod. Mr Piccalilli has a cat named Millie. What happens when these cats go missing one day?

A rather touching little story of two lonely chaps who love their cats (and their cake) and what happens when they're brought together when the moggies go missing. A great little twist and turn at the end ensures that this book will be read and re-read by you and your toddler. As ever, Nick Sharratt's artwork is sublime and Penny Dolan's writing is neat and full of excellent alliteration.

Charlotte's best bit: Working out which members of the family would like each different type of cake. 

Daddy's favourite bit: Mr Pod's reading lamp, which is just like Daddy's

Rating: 5 out of 5