Monday 18 October 2010

Smile! (starring Sunny McCloud)

Smile! (Starring Sunny McCloud)

Written and Illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson

Published by Orchard Press

Sunny McCloud is normally happy go lucky, yep that's her in a nutshell. But something awful has happened. Sunny has lost her smile. 

This super-cute book is instantly engaging. Fantastic child-like artwork (have you ever tried to draw something as a child would? It's extremely difficult, believe it or not!) helps lift the story above the norm. Sunny's flights of imaginative fancy as she searches low and high for her smile are superbly done and the book's as bright and sunny as the heroine herself, despite the poor lass spending the majority of the book in the doldrums. 

Charlotte's best bit: Mr Glittergills

Daddy's favourite bit: Daddy only managing to wear a "flop" instead of the flip-flops.

Rating: 5 out of 5