Tuesday 9 November 2010

The Blackberry Farm books

The Blackberry Farm Books

Written by Jane Pilgrim

Illustrated by F. Stocks May

Amazon Link: Used Only 

It seems a bit sad to think that the Blackberry Farm books have recently gone out of print, though there are a few up for grabs via various Amazon resellers. First published in 1950, Jane Pilgrim's books with superb illustrations by F. Stocks May, introduced a fantastic cast of animals and a Beatrix-Potter-Esque world of anthropomorphic animal antics. 

The books were originally printed as a series of paperback "flimsies", selling for pocket money prices and reprinted various times right up until (at least) 2005 by various publishers. Anthology collections of the stories were also produced (including the one pictured at the top of this review, which gathers together most of the 24 stories in one large and satisfying volume. 

Getting hold of the anthology version is difficult but if you ever spot this on your travels, or nestling in the corner of a secondhand bookshop, grab it as the stories may be old but they're cute and definitely something your toddler will love. 

Other than that, it's worth looking out for the original flimsies if you see them too as they can often be spotted at car boot sales or jumbles - and Amazon resellers seem to have a few for sale from a couple of quid each (which is rather more than the one shilling and sixpence they originally sold for!)

Charlotte's best bit (in the anthology): Sam Sparrow's excellent shop

Daddy's favourite bit: The bunny family

Rating: 5 out of 5