Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pizza Kittens

Pizza Kittens

Written and Illustrated by Charlotte Voake

Amazon Link: £9.89

Published by Walker Books

Mealtimes are chaos when you've got children. No matter how hard you try to make the perfect meal that everyone will enjoy, and have everyone sitting at the table without fidgeting or messing about, it never quite goes according to plan. As the long-suffering chef-come-father to a couple of finicky eaters at home, I can identify with mummy and daddy cat's struggle to get their three kittens eating sensibly in "Pizza Kittens" as Charlotte is now at the age where she's becoming extremely picky. 

Charlotte Voake's loose but excellent illustration style fits the book's mix of dialogue bubbles with normal text, giving the book a feeling that at any moment, complete chaos will ensue. 

It's quite hard to track down a copy of this (unless you're willing to pay a pretty hefty Amazon price for it) but it's a superb book and worth picking up secondhand if you can. 

Charlotte's best bit: Naughty kitten falling off his chair and spilling water all over the dinner table

Daddy's favourite bit: Daddy cat's plaintive plea to the kittens to "just try a little bit, it's really good!" (oh I've been there, I've so been there)

Rating: 4 out of 5