Friday, 14 January 2011

Balamory - Travel

As I've said before on this humble blog, TV tie-in books are often hastily thrown together cash-in items that don't really give children much of a flavour of the show they're based on. 

Such is the case with Balamory - Travel, one of a series of paperbacks published off the back of the successful BBC show. Charlotte has seen a few episodes and seems to be pretty familiar with the characters (and their various coloured houses) so this looked worth grabbing. 

The story seems haphazardly based on Josie Jump's attempts to present a compelling travel-based story to the children at Balamory nursery. Aided and abetted by glamorous granny Edie McReadie, Josie puts together a show using an old sledge and some skis. 

The illustrations look vaguely like the characters they're based on (had a bit of a hoot at one point when I mistook Edie's lifejacket for an inappropriately supporting bra - you'll see what I mean on the Waterskiing page). 

Even in cartoon form I've got a soft spot for Miss Hoolie. 

Charlotte's best bit: Not really a big hit with her but she loves Miss Hoolie too. 

Daddy's favourite bit: The aforementioned big saggy boob page

Rating: 1 out of 5