Friday, 7 January 2011

The Peppa Pig Collection (Ladybird Rucksack Edition)

Charlotte received this collection of Peppa Pig hardback books from friends of ours (Thanks Harvinder and Mohinder!) and they've since been amongst the most read of Charlotte's christmas book gifts. Gathering together ten short but sweet Peppa Pig tales in a handy wearable clear plastic case (that's probably a bit heavy for most toddlers but is extremely useful for keeping the books together and not scattered all over the floor), the books should certainly score a massive hit with your children if they're Peppa Pig fanatics. 

Covering subjects as diverse as Daddy Pig's ridiculous attachment to a smelly old chair, Peppa's first experience with wobbly teeth and George's first visit to the swimming pool, your children will inevitably find a favourite amongst the collection.

Charlotte's best bit: She's absolutely obsessed with "The Tooth Fairy" to the point where she's almost wishing she had wobbly teeth.

Daddy's favourite bit: Daddy Pig thinking he's scored a bargain at the school Jumble sale. 

Rating: 5 out of 5