Monday, 31 January 2011

Save Our Libraries Day - Saturday Feb 5th 2011

ReadItDaddy is firstly and foremostly a children's book review website but from time to time I'll be covering book-related news. 

The issue of the government's plans to close down a huge number of local libraries is a shockingly ill-informed decision. Our local library may end up being one of the affected, and without that library this blog most definitely wouldn't exist. 

An action day is taking place across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Saturday 5th February 2011. The nation's book lovers are encouraged to show their support for their local library by using it on this day. Show the government that this valuable resource should not merely be swept under the carpet or put out to seed in the vain hope that enough kindly volunteers will step in and run library services. The plan is ill conceived and ridiculous in the extreme, and libraries already struggling to maintain a service will be forced to close as a result of this policy. 

Oxfordshire library users will be treated to a passionate speech or three on the matter by bestselling Oxford-based author Phillip Pullman, the genius behind the 'His Dark Materials' books. Pullman is currently raising the profile of the campaign to halt the government's ridiculous plans to sever library services. 

Stand up for your local library. Get bookish on saturday.