Friday, 11 March 2011

Cowboy Baby

Charlotte and I absolutely loved this book! Cowboy Baby is the rootingest, tootingest goldarn little baby varmint the world has ever seen. When Sheriff Pa suggests that it's sleep time for Cowboy Baby, the stetson-wearing scamp toddles off on a quest to round up his gang. Texas Ted, Denver Dawg and the others must all be found before Cowboy Baby can rest his little head and head off to prairie slumbertime. 

For a toddler who definitely prefers Woody to Buzz Lightyear, Cowboy Baby is an excellent read. Sue Heap's simple and clear illustrations complement the text (which demands you read in a texan cowboy drawl). If your little mite likes cowboys they're going to love this. 

Charlotte's best bit: What Sherrif Pa catches with his lasso

Daddy's favourite bit: Putting on daft accents to read the Sheriff Pa / Cowboy Baby bits (much to my other half's amusement)

Rating: 5 out of 5