Tuesday 1 March 2011

Mr Bloom elbows Mr Tumble aside...

Uh oh, there may be trouble ahead. Charlotte seems to have completely fallen in love with "Mr Bloom's Nursery", a new Cbeebies programme. When asked the other day whether she liked Mr Bloom or Mr Tumble best, she answered "Mr Bloom". Never thought I'd see the day. 

Although this is a book blog it's nigh on impossible to ignore the influence certain television programmes have on our youngsters. Even the most holier-than-thou parent on the planet would probaby admit to sneaking the kids off to watch TV while they get on with any number of tasks that present themselves during a busy day. 

So Mr Bloom - new hero for a generation of toddlers who aren't content to put up with the normal toy-selling licensed programmes from across the pond. Home grown children's television (certainly on CBeebies) has never been better. 

With its roots (pardon the pun) in a touring stage show, Mr Bloom's Nursery is the first major project from the BBC's new Salford-based studios. Handy for Mr Bloom's star, Ben Faulks who lives a few minutes down the road from the specially constructed allotment used in the programme. 

Local children are brought in to assist Mr Bloom with his gardening duties, and it's the instant identification with the children in the programme, coupled with the (extremely) catchy music and vegetable characters that make it such a hit with youngsters. 

Excellent stuff but if I can get through a day without humming "meet the veggies"... 

(P.S Don't worry Justin / Mr Tumble, I'm sure it's just a passing phase for Charlotte!)